The Olayer FI 800 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener gets hot very fasten and straighten your hair within very short time. After straightening it your hair will slip very easily. This flat iron is really a surprise for you! On the side of the handle there are three pink buttons which manage the power and temperature. The ceramic plates also regulate very separately from the handles. When you turn on the straightener the display light should stay lit up. After turning on if you leave it then it will automatically turn off. It would not be happen if you use it quickly after turning on.

If you have African American hair and your hair is frizzy, long thick and curly then the Salon Ceramic Hair Straightener from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer is for you. As it is light weight you can do the work within a short time. It does its best job on dry hair. If you apply a thermal heat protecting serum or something like that you may protect your hair from any damage.

Don’t worry if you are a medium size hair owner. It runs well on medium hair also but may not comfortable for short hair.


The FI 800 Salon Ceramic Hair Straightener from Olayer hair styling tools manufacturer runs properly on 120v. It has no dual voltage system. The plus minus button will help you to adjust the suitable temperature for your hair. After turning on within 15 seconds it became ready to use. If you buy an adapter you can use it in Europe.


After straightening, your hair will move very quickly and smoothly throughout the iron. There will be no pulls or snags and your hair will became very smooth and frizz free. The olayer FI 800 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener straightens your hair firstly and put it into a good shape. Again you can convert your hair into curly shape if you know the process. It really leaves your hair in a natural look. In humid area it also works well and keeps your hair straight for a long time.

The cord we provide with the iron is quite large. Again the flat iron is very light weight so you can handle it easily. The power button and the heat control button are rightly situated. It is easy to read the temperature display. The beeping sound will confirm you that it is ready to perform its job. Its plates are also very smooth. They are made from ceramic so it’s less likely damaging your hair.


The FI 800 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener made by Olayer private label flat irons manufacturer works well only on curly or slightly frizzy hair. You cannot use it on wet hair; it may cause great damage then. Not most likely comfortable for short hair. Sometimes the handle behind the ceramic plates get too hot.

SpecialtyGives you a silky, smooth and shiny straight hair
Suitable hair typeCurly or a little frizzy hair
Why should you buy the productPlates are made by pearl ceramicStraightens the hair very smoothlyDigital temperature settings( plus, minus button)Provides the automatic turn off system (after 1 hour)
Wet hairCannot use
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sideCan get the wet hair dry and straight within one step
Negative sideSometimes hard to manage power supply system. Does not work worldwide.
Price of the productContact Olayer custom flat irons wholesale manufacturer to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature based on hair type
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make both straight or curly hair
SizeRegular size but can use as travel
Including accessoriesRemington Pearl Ceramic 2-Inch StraightenerUser manual guide
ColorBlack (color varies)
Warranty2 years